Pure henna gives orange to dark-reddish brown stains and NEVER DYES THE SKIN BLACK, BLUE, PINK OR ANY OTHER ARTIFICIAL COLOURS.

Any product that calls itself as black henna or coloured henna is using ingredients other than pure henna to archive its colour. Then, most of black henna products contain PPD: a chemical found in many hair dyes that can cause allergic reactions, scar the skin and sometimes damage organs.

  • See the colour of the paste.
    The paste of pure henna is deep brown coloured. Never be black.

  • Smell the paste.
    The pure henna paste smells like a grass. In some cases, the paste contains PPD has a chemical-like smell.

  • Ask an artist the length of time leaving the paste on the skin.
    In order to develop the darker stain, the pure henna paste must leave on the skin 2-48 hours. If an artist specifies the length of time shorter than one hour, there is a high possibility that the paste he/she is using contains PPD.

  • Ask an artist how long the stain will last.
    The stains dyed by pure henna last several days to a couple of weeks depending on the applying area of body, the skin type and frequency of the aftercare. If an artist specifies the time up to one week, there is a high possibility that the paste he/she is using contains PPD.

  • Ask an artist the ingredients of the paste.

In case of getting redness, blisters, itching, an inflammation or a swelling to the paste or stain of black or coloured henna, go straight to a doctor. Even if it itches, DO NOT SCRATCH.

For more information about PPD Black Henna, please visit The Henna Page.

Mehndi by VeRi uses PPD-free pure henna paste.
Photograph courtesy of The Henna Page. Used by permission.



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