Collaborating with a popular US yoga apparel brand- be present and poco*rico, VeRi designs embroideries.
All items on this page can be purchased via Lifestyle shop- poco*rico.

"Harmony" is specially designed for poco*rico's anniversary.

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VeRi drew this beautiful blooming lotus inspired by a verse from a poetry written by her favorite author- Khalil Gibran.

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A delicate lotus with Om Mani Padme Hum in Tibetan. Its falling petals reminds us the importance of being present.

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Together with poco*rico, Mehndi by VeRi made charity items for the East Japan Earthquake/tsunami relief.
All profits will be donated to Japanese Red Cross Society and World Vision Japan as a part of poco*chari.



models: Tomoko KawaharaYukari

chariTee "the SAKURA".

Through the kindness of the director- Leza Lowitz, tees can be purchased at Sun and Moon Yoga. We very much appreciate her support and generosity.

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When I started making the Charity T-shirts with poco*rico, the first thing that popped into my head was "Ishiwari-Sakura".

"Ishiwari-Sakura" is a cherry tree with the trunk dividing a huge rock right in two and expanding to the sky in Morioka City, Iwate. This gigantic, 360 year-old tree, designated as a protected species in the Taisho era, has been loved by the people.
"You must see the tree!" When I visited Morioka City, my uncle and aunt living there suggested this to me. In fact, from the moment I saw it I knew the reason they were so proud and the local people said "Ishiwari-Sakura is the No.1 cherry tree in Japan!"
The tree has grown for a long, long time, expanding a narrow crack of the rock and blooming beautifully. I was overwhelmed by the full energy of it.

Since the earthquake, even though it is such a difficult time, people, especially those in the disaster area, are very efficient and patient, like "Ishiwari-Sakura" powerfully growing even in its difficult environment.

Cherry blossoms are tiny flowers. Each flower may not be glamorous. But when a number of flowers bloom together, they become beautiful and powerful symbolizing Japan and the Japanese.
The petals of cherry blossoms drawn in there t-shirts are us, loving this country.
I strongly wish that we go forward together with hope in our heart until the day "cherry blossoms" bloom beautifully again.


Asterisk as a shinig star and the sanskrit Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu― "May Eternal Peace and Goodwill Prevail in the Whole World" as the rising sun.

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