• Before applying henna, clean the area of body chosen. If you put some cosmetics on, they creates a barrier between the dye and your skin and it may impede the process of the dyeing.
    Keep your body warm to get the darker stain.

  • After the surface of the henna paste changes from shine to matte, apply lemon juice and sugar mixture. It helps getting the darker stain and seals the design to prevent drying up and flaking off.

  • Wrap the design with cotton balls, liquid bandage, etc... then leave it on your skin for 2-48 hours. The longer you leave on the paste the colour of the stain will be darker. In order to develop the darker stain, the paste needs to stay on the skin for at least 8 hours.
    * Henna will always leave the stain in the shade of colours as orange to dark/reddish brown. However the exact shades and darkness vary with each person's body chemistry, the skin type, the area of body chosen, and the length of time the paste left on the skin.

  • Scrape the design off using fingernails, a paper towel and so on. To remove stubborn residue, put some put some body oil and rub lightly.
    *PLEASE DO NOT WASH THE PASTE AWAY WITH WATER!! It can ruin the stain.

  • Apply body oil, butter or cream to the stain before bathing or taking a shower to protect it from water and help it to stay longer.

  • Depending on the applying area, the skin type and frequency of the aftercare, the stain lasts several days to a couple of weeks, then fades away gradually.


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